Sonnenberg Gardens

Instead of being sad about not having my Dad on Father’s Day or any day anymore, my Mom and I went to Sonnenberg Gardens to enjoy the day.  It started out rainy, and we thought it was supposed to clear.  Well, it didn’t, but we enjoyed ourselves anyway!

The Kousa Dogwood is amazingly beautiful this year:
2013-06-16 Sonnenberg Gardens 005

2013-06-16 Sonnenberg Gardens 006

No sun for this turtle, but he is patiently waiting for it:
2013-06-16 Sonnenberg Gardens 007

This structure in the background has been renovated, and it’s gorgeous!
2013-06-16 Sonnenberg Gardens 011

Here’s a close-up of the columns:
2013-06-16 Sonnenberg Gardens 012

And now it is raining hard, so no going into the rose garden, photo from a distance:
2013-06-16 Sonnenberg Gardens 015

We headed inside the beautiful mansion, and went on the second story porch that overlooks the Italian Garden:
2013-06-16 Sonnenberg Gardens 019

2013-06-16 Sonnenberg Gardens 018

This structure has been put back up:
2013-06-16 Sonnenberg Gardens 020

View from another porch:
2013-06-16 Sonnenberg Gardens 028

This is the first time that we’re able to walk into this bedroom, which I love!
2013-06-16 Sonnenberg Gardens 023

View looking down into the music room:
2013-06-16 Sonnenberg Gardens 026

There were beautiful dresses all around the house:
2013-06-16 Sonnenberg Gardens 027

All in all, a beautiful day!

Lamberton Conservatory

We went to Lamberton Conservatory on March 4th as part of our getting through winter routine (seeing flowers and green plants every month or so), and this is some of what we saw:

2013-03-04 002

2013-03-04 004

2013-03-04 005

2013-03-04 006

2013-03-04 007

2013-03-04 016

The turtles were moving this time!
2013-03-04 017

The quail again!
2013-03-04 030

Makes me want to be in Arizona now!
2013-03-04 037

Mmm, an orange!
2013-03-04 043

Purple Shamrock – how cool!
2013-03-04 044

I can’t wait to go next month!

George Eastman House – ‘The Dutch Connection’ and ‘Ag H2O’

On Tuesday we went to the George Eastman House to see The Dutch Connection and Ag H2O. The Dutch Connection had just opened, so the flowers were wonderful.

2013-02-12 002

Seriously, if you point your camera in any direction and shoot, you can’t get a bad photo.

2013-02-12 006

The smell of the flowers – I wish I could share it with you, as I’m sharing their beauty. It was wonderful!

2013-02-12 008

These flowers are just amazingly beautiful!

2013-02-12 009

2013-02-12 069

2013-02-12 048

2013-02-12 057

I just love the flowers in the various places:
2013-02-12 056

2013-02-12 001

And I love the orchids all over:
2013-02-12 014

2013-02-12 055

What’s not to love about flowers this time of year, and what’s not to love about the George Eastman House!
2013-02-12 058

2013-02-12 066

It is so gorgeous! And the Ag H2O exhibition was very interesting. Check it out for yourself!

Ad Art on Buildings

Over the past year, I have been taking photos of what I call Ad Art on buildings. You’ve seen it all over the place, but maybe haven’t thought much about it. Well, we’re going to make a poster of some of the more prominent ad art, old and new.  There are so many cool ones, such as this one from the old Addis store:

2012-07 059

These remnants of painted ladies are beneath the ad, near street level:

2012-07 058

Higher up and at 3rd story window level, you see this:

2012-07-29 017

There are faded out ones you can’t make out anymore:
2012-07-29 012

And there are ones that have been repainted (love them!!)
2012-05-30 061

But the one that has people buzzing these days (can it be preserved? can it be registered so it can be preserved?) is this one I just took a photo of last night:
2013-01-26 005

Check out the Ad Art on buildings around where you live. You’ll be surprised at how much there is, old and new!

Lamberton Conservatory on New Year’s Day

On New Year’s Day my Mom and I went to Lamberton Conservatory in Highland Park in Rochester, NY.  It was bitterly cold outside, so it was great to be able to go inside and smell the humidity and see the plants.

2013-01-01 092

2013-01-01 004

2013-01-01 020

2013-01-01 022

2013-01-01 024

2013-01-01 027

2013-01-01 039

2013-01-01 041

There were several quail babies!

2013-01-01 044

And turtles

2013-01-01 052

2013-01-01 053

2013-01-01 061

2013-01-01 063

2013-01-01 071

2013-01-01 076

It’s so nice to see the colorful plants and flowers during this time of year.

Triple Dipping?

Start Rant. I don’t understand why young people think old people need to retire in order for them to get a job. And they think they can fill the old person’s shoes, too. There was a comment made about old people “triple dipping.” Triple dipping, according to this person’s definition is a person on social security, a person who has a pension, and and person who is also working. I’m glad my widowed Mother is triple dipping, otherwise she may not be able to be independent. I’m glad she is able to work, and that she wants to work. I hope she can work until she leaves this place. I hope I can work until I leave this place. I think we both have quite a bit to offer. I think many older people have quite a bit to offer.

On the other hand, I think young people have quite a bit to offer, too, and you just need to figure out how to do so without whining about older people. They’re *not* taking your jobs. End Rant.

Oswego – Tugboat and Great Lakes Barge

I went to Oswego to go swimming one last time, and just happened upon a tugboat getting ready to pull a Great Lakes barge out of the harbor, and then push it to Rochester, NY.  It was partly full of powdered cement after having emptied some at Oswego, and was from Canada.  Here’s the tugboat, Evans McNeil, blowing its horn:

And here it is starting to pull the barge. That tugboat has a diesel engine the size of a train engine!

It continues to pull it, getting it turned into a position so it can start pushing it:

And now it’s pushing it out from the harbor into Lake Ontario:

And about to enter the lake:

On its way to Rochester:
2012-09-02 073

This reminds me of the book “The Little Engine That Could.” This is the little tug that could.

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