Drums Along the Hudson – Day 4 of FLCC Horticulture Trip

A Native American Festival & Shad Fest. . . what? On a Horticulture Trip? Yup, one of the students on the trip was an Oneida Indian, and his friend was in this festival, so we stopped there. It was located in Inwood Hill Park, near Columbia University. I enjoyed looking at the Indian artwork, and in fact, as I’m writing this, I’m sitting here wearing a T-shirt I bought there. It has animals and feathers all over the front. I should take a photo of it sometime because it is really nice. There was also dancing – I like watching and looking at the clothes – they’re so beautiful.

Wave Hill – Day 4 of FLCC Horticulture Trip

Wave Hill is in the Bronx, and it had an awesome sounding bird (I need to id the bird), some huge trees, an urban forest, two beautiful old homes, and gardens with greenhouses. The café had excellent food, too! Here's the bird and a beech tree for you:


Beech Tree