Mother’s Day at Tinker Falls

Tinker Falls

We found Tinker Falls again! Thanks to Natt and Dad! This is the place Dad and Mom used to take us when we were kids. Back in the early 70’s we used to be able to walk up a trail right to the ridge that runs behind the waterfalls. When on the ridge behind the falls, you could whisper on one side, and a person on the other side could hear you. Now in the 00’s the trail has eroded away and we had to walk up the creek towards the falls.

Once at the base of the falls, I walked up the right side of the slope and took photos of the falls and the ridge.

Tinker Falls



Tinker Falls
The next photo shows the ridge has worn away on the right side:

Tinker Falls
Next time I’ll have to check out the left side. And make sure the camera has brand new batteries. I wanted to take more photos this time, but the batteries ran out.

The walk up to and back from the falls was beautiful with an abundance of wildflowers, ferns, lichens, fungus and trees.







Tinker Falls details:

Tinker Falls is part of the Labrador Hollow Unique Area Nature Trail, State of New York, Department of Environmental Conservation.

Directions from Syracuse:

Travel 81S to the Tully exit.

Go east on route 80 (turn left), go through Tully, go through Apulia Station.

Go south on route 91 (turn right). Right after the Cortland County sign, park on the right.

Cross the road to the trail up to Tinker Falls.


Wear water-proof hiking boots, as we had to walk in the creek to get to the falls.

Bring a walking stick to be able to descend the steep side without falling on your butt.

Bring insect repellant.  I like Burt's Bees Insect Repellant – it smells good to me and keeps the bugs away!


Tinker Falls is a hanging falls, created when glaciers moved through Labrador Hollow. Water cascades 50 feet off a limestone edge, then cascades another 30 feet to the stream. There are massive limestone rocks and tree debris at the base of the falls, a result of springtime flooding from snow melt.


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