Introducing: Joy, The Cat


I love this cat. She has a wonderful catanality. She loves to be scratched and petted ad infinitum. She rolls around and shows her tummy when I scratch her. If I’m done sratching her before she is ready, she’ll grab my arm back between her two front paws, no claws. She is such a cutey. But. . . . she has cattitude. If you own a cat, you know what I’m talking about. She acts like a queen, humans are here to serve her. She is working really hard at trying to adopt me as her 2nd alternate human. Her main human is my Dad, her 1st alternate human is my Mom. If it comes close to the time when her main human is supposed to be paying attention to her, and I walk by, I get her loud “meows!” If she could talk, I’m sure she would include a few choice words for me. The Cat’s job is to keep the barn clean of all stray mammal life who try to cohabit with her. When she feels feisty, she’ll chase me down and grab my leg with her two front paws, sans claws. She’s too cute. Her name is Joy, which fits her great catanality, but. . . she is a Cat.

Writing about cats reminds me of my dear departed Aunt Ruth. She used to call Cats ‘Kay-ots.’ Aunt Ruth used to say ‘I HATE Kay-ots.’ Kay-ots knew Aunt Ruth hated them, so they would hang around her even more, trying in their kingly / queenly way to convince her that Kay-ots rule. They do, don’t they?

New Home!

Less than a month old, and I’ve moved the Nature Woman blog to my website. It is now located at:

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