When I went to fill the watering can from the outside faucet, I ran my head right into a spider’s web, and there were tons of tiny baby spiders crawling around:

Tiny Spiders

I feel bad I ruined part of the web with my hair, and displaced some of the tiny spiders.

Later on, as we were training one of the clematis’ we planted yesterday onto the trellis, I noticed this spider on the edge of top of the bird bath.


Fortunately it waited long enough for me to go get the camera and take the photo. After that it took off! Isn’t it beautiful? I put stones in this bird bath (there’s more bird baths for the birds) for the beneficial insects / spiders to get a drink if they want to, without drowning. It’s a bad pest year already, so anything we can do for the beneficials is great!

In other news, it was unusually hot today – 92 degrees F at 2:00, I’m not complaining, but it’s kind of tough to garden all day in this kind of heat. Even the cat was hot and lazy.


She usually gets up so I’ll scratch her, but not as the day got hotter. She just laid around. At least she wasn’t trying to get out to smell where big boy had been.

I saw a hummingbird around the coral bells again – real quick – I think I accidentally scared it away. Anyone who can capture a photo(s) of a hummingbird, I salute you!

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