Deer, Lupines, Iris

I watered my garden at 5:30 AM and what did I see? Hoof prints in the middle of my newly planted seed beds. See, for the last couple of years, deer have been eating my tomato plants down to the ground. Deer aren’t supposed to like tomato plants, so the first time they did it I thought it was a fluke and it wouldn’t happen again. So the next year I didn’t protect them, and they ate them down to the ground. This year, I’m sure they were sitting in the woods peering out between partially parted leaves thinking ‘ha ha the stupid human is planting tomato plants again this year, and tonight we’ll go eat them down.’ NOT! I covered them with floating row cover over hoops – not my favorite thing to do to tomato plants, but I want some garden tomatoes this year!

Look at Mom’s Lupines! They’re so beautiful!



And her beautiful Iris: