My Garden is Growing!

It rained last night and now it is cooler out – 70 degrees F at 10:20 AM – yay! But the heat we’ve had (and watering the garden) has made some of my seeds sprout quickly! Lettuce, mustard, kale, zinnias, basil and parsley are all up. Here’s some lettuce cotyledons!

Lettuce Cotyledons

I put my last piece of floating row cover over the area that this row of lettuce is in. Hopefully my Lee Valley order will arrive today so I can cover the rest of my sprouts! Last night I saw a rabbit next to my garden eating clover. It is just going to have to keep eating clover and not the sweet, tender greens from my garden!

I also noticed that the purple cones from the Norway Spruce that I showed you the other day are now hanging downwards and starting to turn green:

Norway Spruce Cones

On my way to take this photo, I noticed the spider from the other day – the one that built her web from the Rose of Sharon to my clothes line – and she has rebuilt her home. She’s tenacious. I put a piece of white paper behind her so you could see her. I wish you could see her beautiful web:


Speaking of spiders – remember the beautiful spider on the edge of the bird bath from the other day? I just noticed it only has seven legs! I saw it again yesterday on the smoke house which is near the bird bath, so hopefully I’ll see it again so I can count its legs.

Herb Robert is in my Iris bed, which I obviously need to weed out. The thing about Herb Robert is that it is real easy to weed since the roots are very shallow. I think the flowers and leaves on Herb Robert are so pretty:

Herb Robert