Day: June 2, 2006

I Have A Toad!

So I’m weeding my Iris bed, and saw something jump. It looked like the size of a rat, but it jumped, so I didn’t freak out. I keep weeding away, and finally came across what jumped! I’m so excited! I have a toad! Okay, for non-gardeners you probably think I’m insane. Why the heck is she so excited about having a toad? Because they eat a huge pile of bad bugs from my garden every night. This fellow looks like he’s had his share, and there’s lots more for him to eat:

Dear Toad: I have a nice, rent free Toad House that I just put in my garden for you, I watered the ground and the toad house special for you, and if you want to move in soon, I promise I’ll keep it watered all summer long. If you have any friends, I have two more Toad Houses that I will be putting in various other places in my garden for them.
Toad House

I love Toads! Wait until I discover what else I love for my garden. When I do, I’ll be sure to write about it!



As I was weeding my horseradish, I uncovered moss. I love moss!



My backyard is surrounded on three sides by big, old trees, so it’s very shady! If you think moss is something you need to get rid of, you may want to read Gathering Moss, by Robin Wall Kimmerer:
Gathering Moss

After you finish this book, you’ll never want to yank moss out of your space again!