I Have A Toad!

So I’m weeding my Iris bed, and saw something jump. It looked like the size of a rat, but it jumped, so I didn’t freak out. I keep weeding away, and finally came across what jumped! I’m so excited! I have a toad! Okay, for non-gardeners you probably think I’m insane. Why the heck is she so excited about having a toad? Because they eat a huge pile of bad bugs from my garden every night. This fellow looks like he’s had his share, and there’s lots more for him to eat:

Dear Toad: I have a nice, rent free Toad House that I just put in my garden for you, I watered the ground and the toad house special for you, and if you want to move in soon, I promise I’ll keep it watered all summer long. If you have any friends, I have two more Toad Houses that I will be putting in various other places in my garden for them.
Toad House

I love Toads! Wait until I discover what else I love for my garden. When I do, I’ll be sure to write about it!

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