Mother Birds and their Nests

Bird’s Nests are such a surprise to come across! In our yearly trip to Arizona in March, we came across this hummingbird at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix:


She sat so still while I quickly photographed her it was hard to believe she was real!

And I captured another bird’s nest at Wave Hill:


She was another mother who sat very still.

Here’s a Killdeer Charadrius vociferus nest and eggs:

Killdeer Nest

The mother Killdeer is one mother who doesn’t sit still when danger is near. She pretends she has a broken wing to distract your attention away from her nest and eggs:

Mother Killdeer

What a good faker, huh?

Today was rainy, so no gardening or outdoor play today. Dad and I ended up installing a wood floor today. It’s amazing how fast it goes together! Except for the pieces that go against the wall to finish off a row – those are tricky!

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