Aldrich Change Bridge, Palmyra

Today we went to Palmyra to see the Aldrich Change Bridge. This bridge was originally built in 1858 by John Hutchinson in Troy, NY, and spanned the Erie Canal at the Rochester Weighlock in the 1860’s. In 1878 the wooden Aldrich Change Bridge collapsed and this wrought and cast iron Whipple Bridge replaced it. This bridge was rammed by ice and timber on January 19, 1996 which removed it from its abutments, landing it in the Ganargua Creek. This bridge was rescued and rebuilt and is now located in the Palmyra / Macedon Aqueduct Park.

Aldrich Change Bridge

The abutments were rebuilt exactly as they were in their previous location near Foldpak in Newark:


A change bridge allowed the mules to cross from one side of the canal to the other without having to untie them from the tow rope.

Aldrich Change Bridge

Here’s a photo I took of the information located near the bridge on how a change bridge works:

How a Change Bridge Works

We also saw the Mud Creek Aqueduct:

Old Erie Canal Aqueduct

We first smelled these old fashioned roses – a wonderful aroma – and then saw them along the canal banks:

Old Fashioned Roses

We also saw quite a bit of Dame’s Rocket:

Dame's Rocket

And Fleabane: