Gray Catbird, More Comings and Goings. . .

Here’s a Gray Catbird (Dumetella carolinensis) that was wandering through my “lawn.” I didn’t hear it “mew” while it was visiting:

Here’s one of my resident rabbits checking out the growth of the greens in my garden:


More rabbit / squirrel activity:

Rabbit, Squirrel

Here’s a squirrel hanging on by his toenails eating more cherries:


After the squirrel left, the Northern Cardinal flew in so he could have some cherries, too:




He had me going for a while, though, because I didn’t know that Northern Cardinals flatten their crest!


Northern Cardinal – A Clear Photo!

I finally was able to capture a clear photo of a Northern Cardinal! Now to catch the entire body! He was in my Rose of Sharon:
Northern Cardinal

Song Sparrow

Tonight I watched as two Song Sparrows (Melospiza melodia) hopped around in the “lawn” (my definition of “lawn” – mostly weeds and some grass to make a more naturalized area for the birds and mammals):

Song Sparrow

Given the condition of the “lawn” it was hard to catch an entire photo of the Song Sparrows, even though I took several photos. Aren’t their stripes cool!