Beaver Houses, Beaver Dam

I’m scanning photos my Great Grandparents’ photo albums, to first of all preserve their original order, and after they are scanned, to take them out of the acid albums and try to preserve the originals for a while longer in an alkaline album.  So, as I’m scanning, I see many nature photos, but three that especially caught my interest today, one of Beaver Houses, and two of a Beaver Dam.  These are photos that are c. 1920’s to 1930’s, but I still think they are really interesting!  Here’s the Beaver Houses:

Beaver Houses

And here’s the Beaver Dam:

Beaver Dam

Another photo of the Beaver Dam:

Beaver Dam

I’ve never seen a Beaver Dam in person.  This is really cool!

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  1. Mon@rch
    Dec 23, 2006 @ 22:30:39

    It was 1936 when Beaver were introduced in Allegany State Park! Love seeing these old pictures! Was this in NY State?


  2. Pam
    Dec 24, 2006 @ 08:49:27

    Mon@rch – how were the Beaver introduced in Allegany State Park? Is it as simple as someone bringing them in and they loved the place?
    I’m not sure where these old photos were taken – my guess would be either Vermont or New York as those are two of the many places my Great Grandparents lived.


  3. Mon@rch
    Dec 30, 2006 @ 22:57:09

    Pam, took a while to find my way back to this blog! You have so many wonderful blogs, I get sidetracked looking! Beavers were introduced by humans and spread like wildfire! I think the one’s in the park came from out east somewhere! I do love those old pictures!


  4. Pam
    Jan 01, 2007 @ 23:11:55

    Thanks Mon@rch! Thanks for the info on beavers. I figured they were introduced by humans. I wonder what the environmental impact was at that time. I love the old photos, too! I’m slowly digitizing my family’s old photos, slides, etc.


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