In Bloom: Lilies, Coming into Bloom: Echinacea

This is such a pretty Lily that is in bloom now in my front garden:


I love watching my Echinacea purpurea come into bloom:




The neighbor’s cat likes my backyard. She didn’t expect me to be in the garden when she came strolling through and I startled her, but she hung around anyway waiting for . . . I don’t know what. My backyard backs up to woods and hers doesn’t, so maybe she just likes hanging around listening to all of the activity in the woods.


Wave Petunias

I love petunias, and especially wave petunias. Mom and I planted several different wave petunias from seed back in April. The seeds are so tiny that they come inside an envelope within the seed package. Here’s one of the misty lilac wave petunias that I have in a deck pot just after it rained on June 28th:

Lavender Wave Petunia

I think this is so pretty!