Day: July 9, 2006

Crown Imperial, Queen Anne’s Lace, Milkweed, Hydrangea, Lily

Remember the Crown Imperial seed pods I photographed? Now the pods are dried, opening up and revealing neat rows of seeds – they are so cool!

Crown Imperial

The backside of the pods:

Crown Imperial

Right near these Crown Imperial seeds was this Queen Anne’s Lace (Daucus carota) flower:

Queen Anne's Lace

And next was this Milkweed (Ascelpias) flower:


Mom’s Hydrangea shrubs are huge this year and the flowers are absolutely beautiful and abuzz with bees:


And here’s one of her many beautiful lilies:


While we were eating dinner on the deck, a Catbird came to take a bath in the birdbath. A female American Goldfinch (Carduelis tristis) came and chased him out! She took a quick bath, then left. The Catbird came back and took a royal bath for himself. The femaleAmerican Goldfinch came back and climbed in the bird bath with him. The Catbird left all soaking wet – he couldn’t even shake and fluff his feathers before having to fly away. It is cute, however, to watch the male and femaleAmerican Goldfinches drink out of the birdbaths, even though they think they own them.  Oh, you want photos?  I ate lunch with the camera around my neck, and nothing, nada, zip.  I decided to eat dinner sans camera and that’s when all the action occurs.  Oh well.