Day: July 12, 2006

Enough Already!

This is my rain guage as of 5:40 PM today. Now, an inch of it fell on Monday, which leaves over 3 inches so far today. And it is still raining.


This is not normal. According to the weatherman, the rain we got so far today is the amount we normally get for all of July. I had to bail my basement for two hours this afternoon. Usually water drips down the wall in a couple of places right into the french drain causing no problem, but today it came pouring in beyond the french drain, so I used big pans and had to run back and forth between each “fountain” to empty the pans into the sump pump and/or wash tub on the other side of the basement and keep the water swept into the french drain. I just bought a new hot water heater, I don’t need to buy another new one, or a new furnace – I just had it cleaned and checked. I’m looking forward to heat and humidity if you can believe it – well, not really, just something besides precipitation and being concerned about the basement.

Last evening these two Mourning Doves (Zenaida macroura) came to visit and get a drink:

11July2006 004c


11July2006 003c

Here’s a female American Goldfinch (Carduelis tristis) that also stopped by last night on my Lovage:

11July2006 005c

The Norway Spruce cones are still green and keep growing downwards:

11July2006 006c

And. . . I went outside today to make sure the drains were draining away from the house, and there was a beautiful big fat snake!!! I suspected I had a snake in my garden because I saw the plants wiggle as if there was a snake underneath. Everything is flooded so he probably had to come out to look for a “dry” spot, or at least one that wasn’t drenched. I was in the middle of the basement issue, so I couldn’t take a photo for you. Maybe another day!