Okay, so I was getting ready for bed last night, and looked out my bathroom window, only to see three deer munching in my garden. No! no! no! no! no! no! no! no! no! I loaded the batteries in the camera (I felt like I was loading bullets into a rifle, but no, I wouldn’t be able to shoot anything). After trying the nighttime feature on my camera, I grabbed the board out of the sliding glass door and went out on the deck beating the board on the deck and yelling for them to get out of my garden. Don’t feel bad for my neighbors, they all have satellite TV and you can bet that’s what they were doing then. Here’s my first attempt at a nighttime photo. I guess I need to read the instruction manual! Here’s one of them with its’ head down munching, taken through the sliding glass door:
12July2006-Night 003c

Here it is when it started realizing something was wrong:

12July2006-Night 004c

The reason you can’t see its’ whole body is the deck railing is right below its’ head. The garden is intact this morning. I know the garden isn’t safe, but most everything has the floating row cover on it – I would just like some flowers! The sun is shining today and it promises to be really humid. At least I don’t have to worry about the basement today!


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