Northern Cardinals, Chipmunk, Sparrow, Mourning Dove, Sky

The two (juvenile?) Northern Cardinals were flying back and forth across the back yard again tonight, one looks like a female:

14July2006 003c


14July2006 014c


14July2006 015c

And the other a male:

14July2006 009c


14July2006 012c

Here’s a Chipmunk that was hanging around tonight:

14July2006 002c

And some type of Sparrow:

14July2006 001c

A Mourning Dove, by itself, posing really nice for me (I wish the cardinals would do that):

14July2006 018c

And the pretty sky tonight:

14July2006 007c

It was hot and humid today, but it doesn’t feel too bad because there is a breeze. I don’t mind, anything except precipitation for a little while, at least until the ground can dry up a bit.