Northern Cardinal, Snake & Another Old Postcard

This morning while I was shutting the windows to leave for the day, I saw the juvenile male Northern Cardinal on the bird bath. I don’t think he liked the depth of the water, because he would hop in and immediately hop out like he was going to drown (not). He would then flap his wings while standing on the side, sharpen his beak on the edge, hop to another spot on the side of the bird bath, then hop back in and repeat the series of events. This was too cute to watch. He’s getting more red feathers every time I see him.

I saw my snake sunning himself on the front lawn the other day. He was brown/gray and has a yellow stripe down his side. I need a snake book to identify him. This calls for a trip to my local Barnes & Noble (like I need an excuse to go browse in a bookstore)! By the way, I live in an area that is relatively free of scary poisonous snakes so I’m generally not afraid. Until I go to Arizona for a vacation, or a swampy area around here.

And since I try not to make photo-less blog entries, here’s another photo postcard from my Great Grandmother’s photo albums, this one of the Missisquoi River and Jay Peak from No. Enosburg VT:

pg007-02 pg007-02 Hosted on Zooomr