So I spilled 3/4 of my bottle of Dr. Schulze’s Deep Tissue Ointment all over my hardwood floor as I was putting it on my painful, itchy skin, so I had to wipe it up, not think about the waste, not cry over the spilled ointment, hope it won’t eat through the finish on my floor since it still looks very nice, and call and order some more so I make it through however long this poison ivy siege is going to last. I got really annoyed with having to be stuck inside and be a klutz (which I’m not normally), so I went out, watered my plants, added water to the bird baths and took photos of some of my flowers. I didn’t realize Cosmos follow the sun like sunflowers do. I was going to take photos of one of them as it was pointing towards the outside of the garden this morning (towards the sun), but this evening it is pointing in towards the garden (towards the setting sun) and I couldn’t capture it tonight. And now my poison ivy spots are very itchy again. Something about being outside really aggrevates them. How annoying. I tried reading outside earlier and the same thing happened.
I didn’t realize that Rose of Sharon flowers close up at night – this one was fully open earlier today:

23July2006 002c

Here’s one of my little marigolds – it didn’t come out too good, but I’m not going back out to take another one – until tomorrow, hee hee:

23July2006 004c

One of my zinnias – photo kind of blurry – the first one to come out, which is beautiful to me, with colors coming along soon:

23July2006 003c

And here’s some of my wave petunias that make me very happy, too:

23July2006 005c

I had a very bad thing done today. I had Roundup sprayed on that poison ivy. I do not use chemicals of any kind in my outdoor space, but that had to go. It’s close to the neighbor’s yard on the other side of my garage and her son uses all kinds of chemicals on her yard (I won’t get started on that subject).

There, now I feel better (in my mind) after being outside for a few minutes.