In Bloom Today: Cosmos, etc.

Here’s the Cosmo I mentioned yesterday, in a position today where I could photograph it. I think it is so pretty!

24July2006 004c

Here’s the Rose of Sharon flowers opened up during the day:

24July2006 003c

And another one:

24July2006 001c

Here’s the white Zinnia in better focus, in the sunshine:

24July2006 007c

Here’s another one of my Spiderwort plants, taken in the sunshine so it doesn’t show the true purple it is.

24July2006 012c

And here’s what was on said Spiderwort, which is why I took a photo in the sunshine – a pretty little Butterfly, which needs identification. Does anyone know what this is?

24July2006 011c

Here’s a bee moving around on my Echinacea (I’ll still get one sleeping when I can):

24July2006 013c

And in case you thought I was actually going to make it through a post without talking about the dreaded Poison Ivy – I took a photo of it *dying* *dying* *dying*. Die plants die:

24July2006 018c

Please know that I am not normally this way. There are just a few plants that I don’t like, here’s a short list off the top of my head:

  • Poison Ivy
  • Poison Oak
  • Poison Sumac
  • Garlic Mustard – taking over *everywhere*
  • Purple Loosestrife – choking out cattails – it frustrates me when I go to a public garden and see it growing there as a garden plant.

Oh, and speaking of stupid commercials again, what is up with that “Head On” one, the one where a lady is banging her head with something and they repeat “Head On” three times? I gain a headache from just listening to that commercial. If a person has a headache, banging something against it wouldn’t seem to be as beneficial as taking a dropperful of Cayenne extract in water or a glass of carrot juice, which is what helps me when I get a headache.

Thank you Susan Gets Native!

Susan from Susan Gets Native has a blog entry about my poison ivy, and a photo of possible a poison ivy plant in her yard. I think it is poison ivy, based on my “Leaves of Three, Let It Be” rule and from looking at photos in books and the internet. Thank you Susan, for reading, and for blogging about me! It’s nice to know there are nice people like you who care!

When I went to get my mail from today and Saturday it hurt my poison ivy rashes/blisters very bad to be outside. If someone could explain that, I would really appreciate it. It’s like the air outside has spikes that stick right into my skin. This having to be stuck inside on these gorgeous days is really getting to me. I’ve taken to watching TV (boring, snore), reading through a stack of magazines, blogging too much here and elsewhere, all while tending to my leaky, itchy, painful skin. So while I’m reading through a magazine I overhear a stupid commercial on TV for Diet Cranberry Juice. Two guys are standing in a cranberry bog, and at the end they refer to Wheatgrass as if it is the type of grass growing in the lawn (something like “it’s way better tasting than your lawn, which you wouldn’t want to eat anyway”) How ignorant is that? Wheatgrass is excellent for humans to juice and drink (starting in a very small quantity at first because it is *very* powerful stuff). I drink wheatgrass every day. It is an acquired taste, but it tastes so good once you get used to it. There’s lots of information about Wheatgrass out there – my favorite is Ann Wigmore’s The Wheatgrass Book. And no, wheatgrass is not on the list of turf grass. Okay, I know I need to get a life, I’m trying to get better, and then my blog will return to some semblance of normalcy, maybe.

Momma and Baby

I looked out the bathroom window again last night (as I do every time I go in there, even in the winter – it’s frosted glass so I open it wide so I can see what’s going on), and I saw a doe eating my Comfrey (that’s okay, it grows very fast) and a fawn eating weeds. As soon as I opened the sliding glass door curtain to take photos, Momma knew something was wrong (I did it real slow and noiseless, too):

23July2006a 001c

Here’s a close up of the fawn (I couldn’t get a close up of the doe):

23July2006a 002c

Momma must have made a sound because right after I snapped this photo the fawn ran towards her and ran right over the top of her. Then they both took off.

I saw a bee sleeping on an Echinacea flower petal again, I tried taking a photo through the window screen, but it came out really fuzzy. So I’ll try again tonight when I go outside.

I’m doing an experiment on a small patch of poison ivy on my skin. I’m using something called No. 3 Full Strength Salamanca Herb Salve, manufactured by H. F. Freeman in Salamanca, NY. The patch is looking better than the other patches, so I may try some more little patches. Unfortunately the company went out of business years ago.