In Bloom Today: Cosmos, etc.

Here’s the Cosmo I mentioned yesterday, in a position today where I could photograph it. I think it is so pretty!

24July2006 004c

Here’s the Rose of Sharon flowers opened up during the day:

24July2006 003c

And another one:

24July2006 001c

Here’s the white Zinnia in better focus, in the sunshine:

24July2006 007c

Here’s another one of my Spiderwort plants, taken in the sunshine so it doesn’t show the true purple it is.

24July2006 012c

And here’s what was on said Spiderwort, which is why I took a photo in the sunshine – a pretty little Butterfly, which needs identification. Does anyone know what this is?

24July2006 011c

Here’s a bee moving around on my Echinacea (I’ll still get one sleeping when I can):

24July2006 013c

And in case you thought I was actually going to make it through a post without talking about the dreaded Poison Ivy – I took a photo of it *dying* *dying* *dying*. Die plants die:

24July2006 018c

Please know that I am not normally this way. There are just a few plants that I don’t like, here’s a short list off the top of my head:

  • Poison Ivy
  • Poison Oak
  • Poison Sumac
  • Garlic Mustard – taking over *everywhere*
  • Purple Loosestrife – choking out cattails – it frustrates me when I go to a public garden and see it growing there as a garden plant.

Oh, and speaking of stupid commercials again, what is up with that “Head On” one, the one where a lady is banging her head with something and they repeat “Head On” three times? I gain a headache from just listening to that commercial. If a person has a headache, banging something against it wouldn’t seem to be as beneficial as taking a dropperful of Cayenne extract in water or a glass of carrot juice, which is what helps me when I get a headache.


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