More on . . . Guess What!

Poison Ivy! Big surprise, huh? I promise, I will get off this subject soon! It’s interesting, I received a special report from the National Gardening Association yesterday in my email entitled Garden Without Fear of Poison Ivy / Oak. Hmmmm, too bad they didn’t send that out sooner. I probably wouldn’t have paid much attention to it at that time, but yesterday I did. I’m familiarizing myself with the other two poison plants: Poison Oak and Poison Sumac so I don’t “accidentally” run into those, either. Oh, and poison ivy can have not only three leaflets, but five leaflets. Just more stuff to remember to stay far away from when I’m outside working or hiking.

I also found out from Susan Wittig Albert that poison ivy can be just as nasty in the wintertime when it is just an innocent looking vine (or shrub) with no leaves dead or alive on it. Thanks Susan! Here’s a photo I found on the web of a close up of the poison ivy vine in the winter:

Poison Ivy

From the website. I’ve seen this before, but when I’ve seen it, it hasn’t been as “hairy” as this one shows it to be.

I just found out some bad news about a family member today, my aunt-in-law has cancer – so I feel really bad for her, my uncle, my cousins and my Mom. Don’t you hate “those” phone calls.

Off to read some more, which is what I’ve pretty much been doing all day. I’ll attempt the great outdoors this evening for as long as I can take it. It was another wonderful day weatherwise – high of 89 degrees F with a slight breeze. I hope it’s nice where ever you are!