Oh, Here We Go Again

I was hoping to never have to show my rain guage again. I was awakened at 5:22 AM to lightening and thunder so I had to get up and close all of the windows. This is the rain guage at 9:30 AM – and it’s still raining – more gentle now (hopefully it stays gentle):


When I went down to the basement the pans that I left there from the last onslaught were full and the floor was slightly wet in a couple of places. I’m glad I left the pans there from last time, “just in case.” I was hoping there wasn’t a “just in case” time, though!

Here’s a couple more of my zinnias I took yesterday – I was trying for photos while the sun was hiding, but it came out during the second zinnia photo:

27July2006 001c

Sun shining:

27July2006 002c

My cosmos are getting bigger and prettier:

27July2006 004c

Here’s some of my white Echinacea:

27July2006 007c

I was going to attempt venturing out today to buy groceries, go the bank, return overdue library books (I don’t like doing that, but I couldn’t help it this week), but the rain is causing roads to flood, and where I need to go are places prone to flooding. So maybe this afternoon, we’ll see. . .

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