Admin Stuff, Chinese Chestnut

I finally decided to update my websites and blogroll and added two new categories of blogs – one for Needlework and one for History – just a couple of my *other* interests. I own the For My Family blog, which is a blog, ummm, for my family, so unless you’re my father, mother, brother, cousin, aunt, uncle, or relative in some other way, you’ll probably find it a big snore. The other blog I write for is OHA Making History – which is the Onondaga Historical Association Museum & Research Center blog that I started for them a few weeks ago (like I didn’t have enough other stuff to do). But I like the history – of places, people and nature.

So as to not be a complete bore with this administrative stuff, here’s a photo I took on July 13th of Mom’s Chinese Chestnut tree (Castanea mollissima):

13July2006 031c

I’ve seen this tree for years, but never really noticed these yellow white flowers – I think they’re so pretty!

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