Cleaning Rant, Queen Anne’s Lace

Okay, I *try* to be really good about using cleaning products that are environmentally friendly for everything I do around my home. . . except for one area. . . the bathroom. I *hate* all bathrooms, I don’t discriminate. In cleaning the bathroom, I am the most non-environmentally friendly person around. I get out the arsenal of cleaning products that really work great when it comes to cleaning. I spray *everything*, I scrub, I spray *everything* some more, I scrub some more. I feel bad about using these products, but after I’m done, I’m happy with the bathroom, for a few minutes, that is. I would clean that room twice a day if I had nothing else to do, that’s how much I hate it. Which leads me to public restrooms. My Mom tells me that when she was young, public bathrooms had people that worked in public restrooms to keep them clean. They smelled good, for a bathroom. There used to be pride in keeping things clean. Not nowadays. And not only that, but some peoples’ habits are disgusting. The flush then the walk out without washing the hands makes me almost throw-up. I’ve heard and seen people of all walks of life do this. I’m not a germaphobe, but there are some people that need to realize they need to wash their hands and wash them thoroughly. My nightmares usually consist of a gross, dirty bathroom. I’m serious. No I don’t need help, I just need a sparkling clean bathroom that *smells* clean when I gotta go. You can’t fake me out with those sprays. Oh, and when the furnace man is here for the once a year clean/check, he always has to use my bathroom. I won’t even go there.

I think a self-cleaning bathroom would be amazing. I’m ranting because I just got done scrubbing the bathroom. And now I’m going outside to get away from the cleaning product smell.

But before I go, here’s another photo I took on July 13, 2006 of Queen Anne’s Lace:

13July2006 011ql

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