Rain Update for this past week

1/4″ last Saturday night (7/29/06) added to 3.25″ that was already in the guage, 3/4″ Wednesday during the day 8/2/06 to almost 4.25″,

03August2006 002c

and 1.5″ Thursday night 8/3/06

04August2006 001c

Today the gutters will hopefully get fixed. Somehow the gutter in the front separated from the house. Couldn’t be all of this rain, could it, hmmmmm. We’ll see. Anyways, water was pouring into the basement, this time in the front, during this rain due to the gutter issue. I’ll be happy after it gets fixed!

As I was outside emptying a bucket I had placed under the eave to catch most of the rainwater in the front, a toad came hopping out of my front garden. It was too dark and rainy to see him clearly, so I don’t know if he’s my big fat toad from the back yard, or another big fat toad.


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