These Babies are Too Cute!

As always, I look outside while I’m working around my home. I first saw Mamma:

05August2006 008c

I was wondering where her babies were.

Later in the afternoon I saw babies but no Momma. I took these photos through the screen door so I wouldn’t disturb their cuteness:

05August2006 021c

The one on the left

05August2006 023c

The one on the right

05August2006 022c

They’re so cute while they’re sleeping!


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lynne
    Aug 06, 2006 @ 17:49:17

    Awesome pictures!! They are such beautiful anials?


  2. Pam
    Aug 06, 2006 @ 20:09:10

    Hi Lynne,
    Thank you! These babies make my day – except that I *did* want to hang my sheets on the line. They are beautiful!


  3. Susan Gets Native
    Aug 06, 2006 @ 22:23:54

    My teeth hurt from those photos. They sure are relaxed in your yard!
    I’m so jealous…my Mom has a pair that PLAY in her yard, dancing and skipping around. And you have them all curled up in yours.
    😦 Where are MY deer????


  4. Pam
    Aug 07, 2006 @ 09:32:34

    I’d be more than happy to ship some of these deer to your back yard if you want! We have more than enough to share with you around here!


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