In case I left you with the impression that I don’t like *natural* lakes by my “weird Friday” list in a previous post, I wanted to show you some of my favorite hangouts. I love to fish, which reminds me, I need to see when my fishing license expires (now that I’m a vegan I don’t eat the fish I catch); I love to swim, well, at least in Skaneateles Lake because it is relatively clean; I love to go sailing / boating – not speed boating though because I like enjoying the view. I’ve spent many hours on Canandaigua Lake and Skaneateles Lake, two of the Finger Lakes in NY.

Here’s a Salmon I caught in Lake Michigan in 1988. He was about 36″ long. The man in the photo is the guy who we rented the boat from – he also gutted the Salmon for me – yay! I don’t do fish guts:


Here’s Lake Ontario on August 13, 2004:


Here’s Canandaigua Lake on April 15, 2005:


And my most favorite, Skaneateles Lake, taken on May 8, 2005, because I have many fond memories on and around this lake:


I’ll round up and take photos of other lakes I love and I’ll share them here. I love lakes that are made by nature, not by man.


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  1. Susan Gets Native
    Aug 07, 2006 @ 22:42:41

    Nice salmon! The last fish I caught was a cod in Maine when I was 8.
    I kind of know what you mean about man-made bodies of water. A natural lake has this powerful, yet peaceful aura about it. A body of water that was dug out by people feels like a large mouth open and hungry. Okay, I”m not swimming at our lake anymore.


  2. Pam
    Aug 08, 2006 @ 09:06:24

    That salmon fed everyone at the family reunion, and we had enough left over to take home and freeze. He was yummy!
    The man made lakes I especially can’t take are the ones made as the result of a dam, like Lake Powell in Arizona – to me it looks like someone flooded the Grand Canyon, which totally freaks me out. The only satisfaction I get is knowing that the Glen Canyon dam is having a hard time containing all of that water.


  3. Susan Gets Native
    Aug 08, 2006 @ 22:52:53

    We have a town nearby that is now under water. The town was slowly evacuated, the houses torn down and it was allowed to flood to make a reservoir. It’s creepy.


  4. Pam
    Aug 09, 2006 @ 19:57:48

    That’s the kind of thing I don’t like – I know people need water and reservoirs, but like you say, it’s creepy. I’ll round up my photo of the Roosevelt Dam in the Tonto National Forest and post it here – that’s another lake that looks creepy.


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