Hummingbirds, Turfgrass, Cat, Rat

For the past couple of days I’ve seen hummingbirds hanging around the Rose of Sharon – taking nourishment from the flowers – they wiz around so fast I can’t even think of getting the camera ready to catch them.

The guy kitty-corner to me watered his lawn yesterday. Okay, with *all* of the rain we’ve had in the last month, there is NO need to water ANYTHING. Except he cuts his grass down to within an 1″ of it’s life – twice a week – which means the roots are about 1″ long – so there’s no chance for it. It just makes me sad that people waste water like that. Not that I live in a water crisis area, but still, it is a waste. I’m sure my lawn drives the poor man crazy. It is mowed once every two weeks (it doesn’t really grow that much this time of year) and when it is mowed it is mowed to 3″ so it stays nice and green, even when we’re in the middle of a drought. That would drive people crazy who need the perfectly manucured lawn, but not me.

It bugs me that the neighbors’ cats like to hang out in my back yard, but today I came home just in time to see one of the cats walk away with a big grey something in its mouth – too big to be a mouse, and I could only see it’s big fat grey backside, so I’m clueless. This is one day I’m happy I have cats for free in my yard. Just as long as it stays away from my toads, snakes and other garden necessities.

I’m really surprised at the great weather we’ve been having here – nice and cool, no humidity, and nights great for sleeping. This is not how I remember August, but I’m not complaining! Now if I could capture a photo of the full moon right now, that would be so great! I can’t see it anywhere from my home given the trees.

And because I don’t like photoless blog entries, here’s a photo I took at Cornell Plantations a year ago:
19Aug2005 011