Cornell Plantations, Ithaca, NY

Last Saturday Mom and I went to Cornell Plantations. It’s hard to know what photos to put on my blog, because there’s so many wonderful things there! So I picked a few, and I hope you enjoy them! I love the container plantings at the entrance of the Robison York State Herb Garden:

12August2006 Cornell Plantations 012c

I don’t know what this is (a hornet?) but I thought it was really interesting, and I love the orange zinnia:

12August2006 Cornell Plantations 024c

I love this Yarb Woman statue:

12August2006 Cornell Plantations 028c

I saw Goldfinches eating seeds from the Hyssop – I have hyssop in my front garden and goldfinches start eating the seeds in the fall:

12August2006 Cornell Plantations 040c

There were tons of bees all over the herbs, but especially this mint:

12August2006 Cornell Plantations 060c

I love this stile in the herb garden:

12August2006 Cornell Plantations 063c

A bird’s nest in a really interesting tree:

12August2006 Cornell Plantations 076c

I felt bad because I disturbed a bunch of birds feeding in this millet patch:

12August2006 Cornell Plantations 092c

A Monarch Butterfly – maybe I’ll be able to photograph one fully open someday!

12August2006 Cornell Plantations 088c

A view of the sky from the top of hill in the F. R. Newman Arboretum – I love the clouds!

12August2006 Cornell Plantations 109c

The weather was absolutely gorgeous there – the best day we’ve ever spent there. Usually it is too hot and humid, or too cold and windy, but this day was j-u-s-t right!!


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  1. Susan Gets Native
    Aug 15, 2006 @ 22:36:33

    Seeing gardens like that give me “green thumb envy”.
    That mint is so soft and sweet-looking. Mint julep, anyone?


  2. Lynne
    Aug 16, 2006 @ 07:30:31

    I love the stone wall but I had to google “stile”. Stile is now my word for the day and now I want to build one! Maybe up at Hasty Brook!


  3. Pam
    Aug 16, 2006 @ 09:24:33

    Susan – me too – especially since they have a great eye for combining plants and their colors together. Mmmmmm, Mint Julep sounds g-o-o-d!!

    Lynne – That would be great to build a stile at Hasty Brook! My Mom says she saw them all over England – there’s different styles of stiles. It’s fun to walk up one side and down the other – somehow I feel like I’m being naughty by ‘climbing’ on their wall.


  4. Laura
    Aug 19, 2006 @ 00:34:25

    That mint is Mountain Mint – bugs love it!

    Great goldfinch pix.


  5. Pam
    Aug 19, 2006 @ 07:10:28

    Thanks Laura! I couldn’t believe the number of bees on the Mountain Mint.


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