Big Old Trees and Hills

I love going to Onondaga County to do and see several things. As I was driving down the hill on Rt. 20 going west from LaFayette to Cardiff – one very steep hill – I took some photos. This one is near the top of the hill, going down the part where it isn’t too steep – yet:

Here I am about 1/3 of the way down the hill:


Please excuse the blue windshield at the top. Here I am about 1/2 way down the hill:

This hill just continues forever. It’s not very nice on the vehicle brakes. I didn’t capture a photo at the bottom looking up at the hills – they’re wonderful – maybe another day! I’ll have to stop and get out – it’s very tricky at the bottom because the road curves.
Another thing I love is the South Onondaga Cemetery because several of my family members are buried there, it’s out in the country, I like doing genealogy, and I love the very old trees there. These are all Sugar Maples, and they are absolutely gorgeous in the fall:


Here’s another very old Sugar Maple:


This garden dedicated to Harold Abbott has been added near the rear of the cemetery:


Harold Abbott lived in South Onondaga and was the caretaker of the cemetery for many years until he died just recently.

Yup, I love this county. As I was driving along today I saw several trees just starting to turn color. Very pretty! I love fall, almost as much as spring and summer!