Rudbeckia, More Hickory Nut Shell piles

I downloaded some new scrapbook backgrounds and my computer told me I had low disk space. I guess it is possible to eventually use up all of those gigs of disk space – go figure. So instead of scrapbooking and showing Laura one of my simple pages, I’ve been working on gaining some free gigs back. And the reason why I’ve been lounging around on my computer is thanks to a dental procedure I had today which left the right side of mouth sore. I like my dentist, except for the fact he said when the procedure was done “well that was easy, wasn’t it?” Yeah, maybe for you man.

I found eight more separate hickory nut husk piles along my driveway and out in the road. And I saw a squirrel carrying a hickory nut in it’s mouth. Now I have to sweep my driveway. Sorry no photos of the little piles due to the above low disk space thing and the sore mouth thing.

And because I don’t like to make photo-less blog entries, here’s a photo I took a couple of years ago of my Rudbeckia: