Fawn, Ruby Throated Hummingbird, Excuses

I rec’d a comment from Susan Gets Native about my lack of posts – I’m sorry Susan! And I know I owe some scrapbook pages to show Laura in NJ. Let’s see how many excuses I can come up with and get away with.

1. I’ve been under the weather – I thought I had a book about the origins of expressions like that so I could write what “under the weather” means exactly. Usually when I go to the dentist and have novacaine or whatever caine they give nowadays it makes me sick for about a week. In putting up with this and trying to feel like myself again, I did notice a fawn up by my house the other day as I opened the door to go out to get my mail. I scared it away – rats, I would have liked to see what it was getting itself into. And taken a photo for you.

2. I’ve been up to my eyeballs with OHA volunteer duties as their webmaster / blogger – lots of exciting stuff coming up for them – a book release, they finally got an elevator put in and it passed inspection (a huge deal since their research center is on the fifth floor of an old building with high ceilings), the pending release of the new website, collecting scanned old photos from their various computers, putting them on CDs so I can eventually release them into Karen’s mySQL database, getting a little bit of my bio info together because I’ll be mentioned in the Syracuse NY newspaper next week with the launch of the new website, phew, I think that’s it. Now if I could just get paid to do this stuff because I love doing it!

3. I’ve also been redesigning the Onondaga Co NY USGenWeb website, planning a launch of that for 9-22 – it will be the tenth year anniversary of my coordinating that website. It needs a major overhaul, but it’s not going to get it because that would take me forever.

4. Putting up with my computer slowing way down for some reason, so I’ve been copying everything onto CDs and deleting stuff – I’ve freed up 4 Gigs, you think it would be happy, but I think it’s the new website creation software that is dragging the system resources down to a crawl – I won’t mention any names.

5. I’ve been pixelating my own photos from childhood because it’s making them look so much better than the original photos. I love Photoshop!

To try to redeem myself, here’s a close-up photo, captured by Jim, of a Ruby-Throated Hummingbird taken during the week of 5-23-2005 at FLCC Field Camp at Camp Cutler in the Bristol Hills. The place where I saw my first living American Chestnut (and knew what I was seeing):


Isn’t he a cutie? He’s probably ticked to be held like that. I don’t know who the fingernails belong to – some young bearded conservationalist.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Susan Gets Native
    Sep 03, 2006 @ 21:10:30

    Okay, I am fulfilled again.
    The RT hummer looks totally honked off. I would be too if some young bearded conservationist was holding me in a head lock.


  2. Pam
    Sep 03, 2006 @ 21:38:14

    Good! Now I need to comment on everything you’ve been up to – you’ve been really busy!
    Yeah, the hummer is definitely torqued. He looks like he’s saying ‘Let me loose you ingrate!’


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