Plants, Scanner, Old Photos

I love planting plants from my Mom’s garden in my garden. It makes me happy. My friend Rosa is going to give me some plants from her garden, and that will make me happy, too. Today I planted a huge, gorgeous hosta that my Mom was done with, and I just looked out the front window as I was shutting the Levolors, and the hosta is very striking, with its dark green leaves with white edges. Oh, I know I should capture a photo, but the plant looks like I killed it. I also planted some Mums. I’ll take photos when they’re in bloom, because they’re going to be gorgeous with their salmon and orange flowers. I love the smell of Mums, they smell herbally medicinal, which I love.

Thanks to the help of artist Ann Bell, I bought a photo scanner yesterday, so you know what I’ve been up to – yup, scanning in photos. It has a template that will hold 16 slides, another template that will hold 8 35mm negative strips, and other templates I haven’t figured out yet. I love this scanner, oh my, it scans so fast, which I love – I have no patience for slow computer equipment! It was a toss-up between the Epson Scanner and the HP Scanner. What sold me on the HP scanner is the 16 slide template. The Epson Scanner had a template for 4 slides. There were other differences, but that was the most important one to me. Now I have to go see my parents again so I can borrow my grandparents’ slides – no small feat since they liked taking photos as much as I do. Which is why I opted for the scanner with the 16 slide template. I also offered to bring it to OHA to help them start scanning in their large collections of all types of photographic materials, oh my.

Oh, and I purchased some fabric yesterday. I was waiting patiently in line to get my fabric cut, the only one in line with my little number paper that they ask you to grab, and up walks this old lady with a walker. The cutter lady asked who was next, and the old lady said she was next and she glared at me like daring me to challenge her – and she didn’t even have fabric to be cut. All I have to say, is I really HATE it when people lie like a rug. I really have no tolerance for it. I was ready to give the cutter lady a piece of my mind when she got to me for not following their number system of calling people, but she was saved by a really nice lady who helped me. I have run into more rude people these days. If I hear someone say “please” or “thank you” it shocks me. I used to have a friend that would make fun of me every time I said “please” or “thank you.” I don’t know, I still think it’s important to have good manners and not lie, no matter how busy a person is.

Here’s some really old photos from my Great-Grandmother’s photo albums that I previously scanned in (before the HP photo scanner), but today I enhanced them as well as I know how to at this time in Photoshop. A nice peaceful country scene:

Sugaring in Vermont – mmm, I love Maple Syrup:


And I love bridges like this:



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lynne
    Sep 13, 2006 @ 20:58:45

    Wow Pam! The scanned pictures are terrific! I would love to do something with all of my Mom’s old family pictures. Now I know what to ask for for Christmas!!

    I know what you mean about manners. Yesterday, I was nearly hit by a man in a SUV. I raised my hand in reaction, and he flipped me off!!! I think we need to form a “Society for the Promotion of Manners” aka basic common decency.


  2. Susan Gets Native
    Sep 13, 2006 @ 21:50:45

    I love adding plants to my garden that began somewhere else! I can walk by them and think of the person I got them from. It’s like scrapbooking with flowers.
    And I love maple syrup, too. We went to a syrup cabin back in my youth, and I can still smell the sweetness.
    Love the scans….keep it up!


  3. Pam
    Sep 13, 2006 @ 22:10:30

    Thanks Lynne! The Epson Photo Scanner comes with Photoshop Elements in case you don’t own Photoshop. I bought the HP scanner at Staples after looking at online prices.
    Yeah, my normal reaction is to raise my hand when I almost get bumped off too (nothing leud)! I agree, we need to form a manners society. It is so refreshing when I come across somebody with manners, but it’s so rare.

    Hi Susan! That’s a good way of thinking of plants from someone else’s garden – scrapbooking with flowers – very cool! MMMMMM, maple syrup is soooo good! I’m glad you like the scans. I was thinking I should do a before and after, to show what shape some of these photos are in. I got them all out of their acidic photo albums so hopefully the fading will stop.


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