Gardening, Fall Photo

One of the things I like most about working in other peoples’ gardens this time of year is dividing perennials. There’s usually left-over perennials that they want to throw away, so I save them and bring them home to plant in my garden! Recently I acquired a variety of hostas! Yay! I’m so happy because my back yard is so shady, I’m sure they’ll thrive there. I also got some big clumps of yellow yarrow today. I’m looking forward to seeing what I’ll find tomorrow.

Here’s another fall photo from the old slide collection. This one shows a little bit of the huge veggie garden we used to have when I was growing up, mmmmm.


Oh, sometime I should scan in the photos to show the maple sugaring shed that we had! We used to gather sap from all of these wonderful sugar maples, and make excellent maple sugar, mmmmm. And maple sugar candy, mmmmm.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Susan Gets Native
    Sep 27, 2006 @ 19:41:13

    Oohh…I want some pancakes, thanks to you!


  2. Pam
    Sep 27, 2006 @ 19:58:11

    Mmmm, pancakes sound good!


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