Saratoga Native American Festival

Mom and I went to Saratoga Springs this weekend, with the express purpose of attending the Saratoga Native American Festival held at The Saratoga Spa State Park. The Algonquian and Iroquoian Peoples were represented at this festival. Below are photos of the Grand Entrance Ceremony and Flag Ceremony. I *love* their beautiful regalia.


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I love the little people!

30Sep2006-027c 30Sep2006-013c

We were allowed to photograph / take videos of this event, but there are certain sacred events that we aren’t allowed to photograph. I’m glad they clarified this because I was being respectful and kept the camera tucked away until the announcer said it was okay.

Here’s the Flag Ceremony:


The white guy in the yellow shirt is a Veteran of some war and he is holding the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) flag, the Native American lady is holding the Mohican Nation flag, a Native American man is holding the American flag, and I’m not sure what the fourth flag represents.

I attended Middle School and High School with the Onondagas (part of the Iroquois), so some of our history lessons involved the Native Americans, which, along with having them as classmates, provided me with a great appreciation for them. More later!