Some Colored Leaves

I went to Syracuse today to attend Mike’s Professional Development presentation on Document Based Questions (DBQs) for teachers at OHA (he asked me to be his technical backup in case anything went wrong with the projector/computer), and on the way home I got stuck in one of the many construction zones that were in my way (for some of these zones it’s like they decided they had all this extra money and needed to do construction before winter hits or something). I was bored to tears, so I decided to capture these trees for you to show that we’re not at full peak here yet. This photo was taken while stuck in Meridian, NY:

Excuse the spots from the windshield. My vehicle is now clean (I took it through the carwash on the way home).

In the next photo the truck ahead of me was going so slow, I was so bored, so I captured this photo, and I like the colors and the rurality of it – plus I love the huge trees next to the road on the left side:

The sky was very blue and pretty today, which doesn’t show in the photos because I was travelling into the sun.