Bridges From the Past

Today I attended my regional Archives Week Celebration at Genesee Country Village & Museum in Mumford, NY. Here’s the cover of the program:

And this was my nametag:


My name on a NY State historic marker – how cool is that? Hee hee.

All of the speakers were awesome! First up, Joan from the Nunda Historical Society who discussed the birth of an historical society; next Joe from The Museum of Wayne County History who discussed how to build an audience through artifacts, and how he and his volunteers totally redid the museum; then JoAnn from Heritage Square in Ontario who, among many things, boasts the oldest Sugar Maple tree in NY State (which I’ll be checking out); Leonora from the William Pryor Letchworth Museum which has been redone (remember my previous post about Letchworth Park on Labor Day weekend); and Connie from the Genesee Country Village & Museum (link above) who discussed Interpretive Planning.

Lunch was phenomenal – people – they had a vegeterian dish, along with cooked zucchini and yellow squash, and mixed greens salad – I was in heaven! (Last spring I went to an event at the same place and they had turkey and beef sandwiches – yeah, were does that leave me (previous post mentions I’m a vegan vegeterian)? Yup, I was left pretty hungry). Lunch hour was actually an hour and a half, so I went to the John L. Wehle Art Gallery and saw some really cool landscape art and African animal art and birds of prey statues (sorry, I don’t think I could have brought my camera inside the museum).

After lunch we heard from Peter, a Seneca Indian of the Heron clan, who is eight generations removed from Mary Jemison (now I have to read about Mary Jemison’s life, and you may want to also) – he was from the Ganondagan Historic Site, which is on original Seneca Indian land (here you can really see drumlins and kames from glacial activity) – he opened his talk with a Thanksgiving using the Seneca language (why is it I could listen to the Native Americans talk all day – probably because they have much to say); Carol the Town of Ogden and Village of Spencerport historian who discussed a Trolley Depot that has been restored and moved to it’s new home on East Ave. along the Erie Canal in Spencerport and about to open up to the public – I’ll be going (I couldn’t find a website for her historical society – hmmm, I’ll have to find out about this, because Carol showed some awesome photos today); and Ove and Gerry from GAGV Library and Archives. and last, but not least, James L. who is the regional DHP person who put this whole thing together.

Susan Gets Native asked what she could do to celebrate Ohio Archives Week, which is this week also! Happy Ohio Archives week Susan! Basically, by photographing your daily events and blogging, you are recording your history and creating your own personal archives! Pretty cool, huh? Also, does the RAPTOR Center have an archives, even just a filing cabinet of stuff?

I’m so excited, I have two more days of exciting events going on – tomorrow has nothing to do with archives week, but a trip to a local museum with my Mum to see a travelling exhibition of . . ., well, I’ll blog about it later! Friday is a trip to OHA with my Dad for, well, that’s for later, too! For now, I have tons of emails and blogs I’m behind on reading.