Georgia O’Keeffe

Today I saw the special Georgia O’Keeffe exhibition at the Memorial Art Gallery! It’s not what I expected (I expected flower and bone artwork), but it was really interesting nonetheless. There were many black and white photos of Georgia O’Keeffe taken by her husband Alfred Stieglitz and another photographer Todd Webb, along with some of her earlier works. Here’s a couple of the photographs I saw today. Here’s Georgia O’Keeffe at the University of Virginia:


Another of Georgia O’Keeffe:


I figured it would be easy to find images on the web of all of her works, how mistaken I was, so I’ll have to get the rest of the images for you later. For now, here’s the list of her work that I saw. If I found an image, it is below the title. These are all much more gorgeous in person.

Untitled (Claudia O’Keeffe), 1907-8
Red Landscape, 1916-17
Series 1 – No. 1, 1918 – the original was *gorgeous* in person

Series 1 No 1

Over Blue, 1918
Untitled (Abstraction), 1918
Green Lines & Pink, 1919
Lake George, Coat & Red, 1919

Coat and Red
Apple Family A, 1920
Apple Family – 2, 1920


Abstraction, Seaweed & Water – Maine, 1920
Water Lily, 1921
Leaves, 1923

Green Oak Leaves

Corn No. 2, 1924


Flagpole, 1925
New York – Night, 1926
Shell & Old Shingle IV, 1926
The Old Maple, Lake George, 1926


Dark Iris, 1927


Black Mesa Landscape, New Mexico / Out Back of Maries II, 1930


Jawbone & Fungus, 1931

1930-Jawbone and Fungus

My Backyard, 1937
Cup of Silver Ginger, 1939
Waterfall No. 1 Iao valley, Maui, 1939
Pelvis IV, 1944


In the Patio VIII, 1950
Machu Pichu I, 1957
Blue – A, 1959
Blue Black & Grey, 1960
Winter Road I, 1963


8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lynne
    Oct 13, 2006 @ 09:46:06

    Ooooh- Dark iris, I love that one! I wish I were there with you to see those works.


  2. Pam
    Oct 13, 2006 @ 10:18:21

    They’re gorgeous! The images in my post don’t do them justice at all!


  3. Sandy
    Oct 13, 2006 @ 17:17:28

    This is a nice post. Love those paintings, and the shot of her. The colors work so well, guess that is what makes her a great artist.


  4. Pam
    Oct 13, 2006 @ 21:56:31

    Sandy, they wrote in great detail about her methods in the early days, and it is just amazing – I wish the colors came through better – they were very beautiful in person.


  5. Laura
    Oct 13, 2006 @ 22:03:25

    I don’t know her paintings at all, other than all those really big flowers – I like these so much better.



  6. Pam
    Oct 13, 2006 @ 22:07:10

    You’re welcome Laura! I’m glad you liked them. I’ll post the others I saw soon.


  7. Susan Gets Native
    Oct 13, 2006 @ 23:07:34

    What beauty.
    I have images like that in my head, but I could never translate them to canvas. I love artists. They have found their souls.


  8. Pam
    Oct 15, 2006 @ 19:44:12

    I agree Susan. If you have images like this in your head, that is half the battle! I say go for putting them on canvas. I like the one painting that you showed us a while back!


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