So here I am complaining about my 0.00000025 mm of snow on my deck, and to the west (Buffalo area) and southwest (Genesee Co.) of me in NY they got *slammed* with some major snow! You can read and see photos about it here. The report from my friends is 19 to 30 inches, with trees bending down to the ground and breaking because the leaves are still on them, and power outages, the Thruway turned into a parking lot – and then it was closed from Henrietta to Buffalo. Yowza – I’m glad I wasn’t involved in any of that – yet anyways. They say some more is coming my way. NOOOOOOO!! It’s too early for this. And I’m travelling in a little while. The weather just better behave its little self.

Oh No! It’s Snow!

Yup, over the night it snowed – way too early – but here it is trying to melt on my deck:


Yuck huh? I hope it I don’t see snow again until, um, January. Yeah, right!