A Walk in the Woods

Today Mom and I walked in the woods at the Genesee Country Nature Center. Before we went into the Nature Center building, we saw this milkweed:


Inside the building they had a touchy-feely tray full of nature’s treasures:


And a turtle shell.  Here’s the inside – it felt very smooth:


We decided to follow the Geology Trail:


And right away we were intrigued with the boulders and trees: 100_0226

Here’s a Black Cherry and a Maple growing together – they look like they’re kissing:


There’s nothing like the beauty of woods: 15Oct2006-013

There were several rock fences along the way, showing this was once property owned by individuals:


Here’s a hole that was covered up and filled in with stones – maybe an old well:


We saw this Woolly Bear catepillar (Pyrrharctia isabella) along the trail – I love Woolies:


A fallen tree:


And a tree with a great deal of fungus:


Another beautiful trail photo:


And last, but certainly not least, the most beautiful fall tree color I’ve seen yet this fall:


This fall is not one of our more colorful falls here – believe me, I’ve spent time looking for the great fall color I love, and I’m not finding it. Are you?


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Susan Gets Native
    Oct 15, 2006 @ 23:18:01

    Nice, nice, nice photos!
    I take photos of fungus too.
    We must be behind when it comes to fall color in Ohio. It’s comin’, but very very slowly.


  2. Laura
    Oct 16, 2006 @ 00:44:21

    Thanks for sharing pics of your walk in the woods!


  3. Pam
    Oct 16, 2006 @ 07:24:41

    Thank you Susan! I love taking fungus photos. Some day when I have nothing else to blog about, I’ll get out my fungus photos from a couple of years ago.
    The fall color has been weird here this year.
    You’re welcome Laura! I love the woods – I could live in the woods.


  4. Lynne
    Oct 16, 2006 @ 09:11:28

    Oh, that was so nice. Thanks for taking me along!


  5. Pam
    Oct 17, 2006 @ 10:36:58

    Hi Lynne, you’re welcome! I’m glad you enjoyed it. I love taking forest walks any time of year.


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