Mushroom Walk, Part I

On Sept 22, 2004 I went on a Mushroom walk for my Plant Pathology class in Letchworth State Park. I tried to write all of the mushroom names down, but it was tough as the teacher was zooming along *way* too fast. But my friend Rosa and I did end up taking photos of all of the shrooms. So here’s the first ones set that I’ve edited. P.S. Stay tuned, the mushrooms will get more interesting as I post more!

The first one I did get the name of: Hypoxylon fragiforme on a Beech tree:


More of the same:


I don’t know which one this is, but here’s the bottom:


and here’s the top:


Here’s the top of a little cutie: IMG-012

And the underside of the same one: IMG-013

And the underside of the last one for this post: IMG-014

And it’s topside:


By the way, the hand modeling these lovely mushrooms belongs to my friend Rosa. I love peoples’ hands, do you? ‘Til later! If you know the names of any of these ‘shrooms, please let me know!