Mushroom Walk, Part II

Here I am again, with more mushrooms from the same walk I mentioned yesterday. I hope you enjoy them!

Here’s the bottom and inside of the next one – I like the purple: IMG-016

And the topside of the same one: IMG-017

Here’s more fungus on a stick:


And a close-up of the same stick – purty huh?:


Here’s the bottomside of the next one – I like the color of this one, too. And oh, those are my notes that Rosa’s hand is covering – so you can see I tried to catch the names and details of these mushrooms! IMG-020

And the topside:


The top of the next one – the shape of this one is interesting: IMG-022

And a side-view:


This looks like a turkey tail: IMG-024

And the bottom-side: IMG-025

Next one’s topside:


And the underside: IMG-027

And yet another one: IMG-028

And a side-view:


And more fungus on a log: IMG-030

Stay tuned for more later! There’s still some more pretty ones coming!