Leaf Program

If you rake your leaves to the end of your lawn next to the road like my neighbor across the street has done:


My town workers will come along with a huge vacuum cleaner attached to the back of a truck that is used as a snow plow in winter and suck up all of your leaves: 25Oct2006-007 25Oct2006-006

And wah-lah, your leaf pile is gone: 25Oct2006-008

They then dump the leaves into a town leaf pile, where in the spring I can go get the leaf compost. Because I *always* have to be different, I don’t have my leaves piled at the end of my lawn. In fact, I haven’t even raked my leaves yet. Because I’ll rake them into my own personal leaf pile in my back yard for them to turn into my own personal pile of black gold. You can probably guess why I don’t like going to the town for my leaf compost – because of those morons that *have* to use chemicals on their lawn, which then gets onto / into the leaves and I believe are still there when the leaves turn into compost. I don’t like to take chances. This municipal leaf pile, however, *is* better than the clueless people that rake leaves into plastic bags and then put them at the curb for the garbage men to haul away – duh! Does your town vacuum your leaves?