Mushroom Walk – Part III

Here’s a continuation of the Mushroom Walk I took at Letchworth State Park in Sep of 2004. Here’s some little mushrooms on a log, but I also love the moss on the other log:

Here’s a cool looking mushroom: IMG-033

By the time this one made it to Rosa and me it was kind of beat up, but I love the green color:


Here’s the underside: IMG-035

I wish I knew the names of all of these. Here’s a pretty pinkish one: IMG-037

And the underside: IMG-036

Another shroom on a stick: IMG-038

And a little cutie:


And a short, fat one, hmmm, shrooms can be quite phallic at times!  Yup, it reminds me of the time I walked into a classroom and on the board was a phallic drawing – they had been discussing fungus in field botany and needed an illustration! IMG-047

And shrooms on a log:


More later!