Mushroom Walk, Part IV

More fungus from the Letchwork State Park Mushroom Walk in Sep of 2004. I don’t know why I just have the underside of this next one. I think because they were coming at us so fast and furious, I didn’t have time to photograph the top:


Here’s a nice little one in a pile of leaf litter:


And another really interesting one: IMG-051

A top view of this next big one: IMG-052

And a side view – pretty cool, huh? IMG-053

And the next one is pretty and interesting – broken by the time it got to us: IMG-054

And a little one being modelled by Shawn’s hand:


I can’t have a shroom post without shroom on a stick: IMG-056

The next photo is fuzzy:


This is hard to see:


Another nice juicy one (if isn’t poisonous it looks like it would make a good meal). This is being modelled in Sue’s hand:


And the bottom view:


More later!