Birds of Prey

I record the Martha Stewart Show to watch it when I get a chance.  Today  Pete Jenny, acting President of The Peregrine Fund was on the show.  He had two different owls, one which was an Eagle Owl.  He also had a Peregrine Falcon.  I thought of Susan Gets Native the entire time.  One owl did look ticked off, the other one looked startled.  Here’s some interesting owl info at the Martha Stewart website that I’m sure you all already know.  I just thought it was so cool!  I wish I could see Susan at one of her presentations!

The Moon

One thing I enjoy about the time change is I can see the moon before I go to bed. Usually the moon is well hidden by all of the trees around here. The neighbor two doors down took down all of his trees, so there’s a blank spot where I can see the sky. I was sitting here surfing for fabric last night and saw a bright light from the window out of the corner of my eye. Of course, I had to grab the camera and go outside in the pitch dark.


It’s hard to get a perfect shot of the moon – this was the best one I was able to capture.

On another note, Mom and I went to the mall yesterday – I *hate* malls. I love being with my Mom. But yesterday reconfirmed in my mind why I don’t like malls. The second I enter the mall my energy gets totally drained out onto the floor. They’re hot, they’re dry, they stink, they’re full of noisy people, and stores are set up illogically these days. She wanted some CuddleDuds, so we had to go to the lingerie department. First we had to find the lingerie department. Once there, I was bombarded with gross music and um, “interesting” underwear, to say the least. On this one piece of underwear was the phrase “Kiss My Flirt.” I don’t even want to know what the heck that means. It doesn’t even make sense since flirting is something you do, not something you can kiss. There were kids galore in Halloween costumes – some really cute ones, but then there were the young teenage girls dressed in very skimpy outfits. Why oh why do these girls want to grow up so fast? To me, it seems like the fun would be taken right out of finding their Senior Ball dress, and then searching for their perfect Wedding dress. I really don’t like malls. I prefer going out into the woods.