Mushroom Walk, Part VI

Ready for more fungus? Me too. I don’t think I ever could get sick of seeing nature photos. That’s the problem, I could spend all day out in nature and all night looking at nature photos.

Here’s an interesting looking one:

And a little cutie:


Another cool one:


And the underside of another one:


Fungus on a rotting log: IMG-084

This next one I know the genus is Mycena, but I don’t know the species name.  I remember it is very delicate: Mycena_____008_092204

And. . . drumroll please, the last one, my most favorite, and I even know its full name – Suillus grevillei

Suillus_grevillei_002_09220 Suillus_grevillei_004_09220 Suillus_grevillei_003_09220 Suillus_grevillei_005_09220

This brings me to the end of my mushroom walk.  However, I may drag out the old growth forest tree shots soon taken from this same walk.

I hope you have enjoyed my mushroom walk, and I hope you have a great Sunday!