Leaves, Julie’s Book, Birds

Yesterday I finally raked and piled my leaves. I figured it was about time since there’s about two leaves left dangling on my tree. And I’ve irritated the neighbors long enough with my leaves on my lawn. The same neighbors who are out every day with their mowers sucking up the one or two leaves that collect during that day and putting them to the curve. I have a nice big juicy pile of leaves in the back now – yay! I *love* leaves for my gardens.

I also visited my parents yesterday. I was in my Mom’s studio working on her computer and looked to the right and on top of her pile of new books what did I see?

Letters from Eden

Yup, sittin’ right there waiting for her to read it. My Mom knows a good book when she sees it. Seriously, she is very good at picking out excellent books. Sweet!

Laura of Somewhere in NJ, Susan Gets Native, and Endment have all taken the following bird survey on their blogs. I’m not a birder. So I won’t make a fool out of myself and answer the questions. However, I love birds. I love listening to birds. I love trying to get decent photographs of birds. I love going to Braddock Bay or the Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge to watch bird migrations and other bird activity, along with the plants and animals. Maybe I am a birder and I don’t know it.

For now I have a couple of question for the birders – what are bins? How do you keep your lists?

What state (or country) do you live in?
How long have you been birding?
Are you a “lister”?
ABA Life List:
Overall Life List:
3 Favorite Birding Spots:
Favorite birding spot outside your home country:
Farthest you’ve traveled to chase a rare bird:
Nemesis bird:
“Best” bird sighting:
Most wanted trip:
Most wanted bird:
What model and brand of bins do you use?:
What model and brand of scope do you use?:
What was the last lifer you added to your list?:
Where did you see your last lifer?:
What’s the last bird you saw today?:
Best bird song you’ve heard ever:
Favorite birding moment:
Least favorite thing about birding:
Favorite thing about birding:
Favorite field guide for the US:
Favorite non-field guide bird book:
Who is your birder icon:
Do you have a bird feeder(s)?
Favorite feeder bird?


8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Susan Gets Native
    Nov 06, 2006 @ 07:49:46

    “Bins” is short for binoculars.
    I keep my list on ebird.org. I let them do the record keeping for me.


  2. Pam
    Nov 06, 2006 @ 07:55:54

    Thanks Susan – Thanks for clearing that up! Am I a birder now because I have two pairs of “bins”? Seriously I thought maybe birders kept their stuff in plastic bins to keep them out of the elements – but I couldn’t figure out why it mattered what kind you had. Cool – I’ll have to check out ebird.org. Thanks Susan!


  3. Julie Zickefoose
    Nov 06, 2006 @ 08:22:56

    Hey Pam–I have tried to follow the link to your blog several times, but find it doesn’t work–that is, when I click on your blue name in my comments section, I get your profile, but when I click on your blog link on your profile page, I get an error signal. Just wanted to let you know that there’s something not hooking up there. Thanks so much for the mention of the book!


  4. Pam
    Nov 06, 2006 @ 09:07:30

    Julie – Thanks for letting me know – I’ll go to blogger to see if I can fix my link. And you’re welcome for the mention of your book. Your artwork and writing are wonderful!


  5. Pam
    Nov 06, 2006 @ 09:29:37

    Hi Julie – It should be fixed now. Thanks for bringing this to my attention!


  6. Susan Gets Native
    Nov 06, 2006 @ 22:03:56

    Pam, dear, Julie has commented on your blog.
    You have ARRIVED!


  7. Laura
    Nov 06, 2006 @ 23:04:37

    Susan you are too much!


  8. Pam
    Nov 07, 2006 @ 08:47:46

    Susan, I’m a birder, Julie’s commented on my blog, what else could I ask for??


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